Learn how to create another stream of income in addition to your photography that doesn't rely on booking more sessions or working more weekends!

Just imagine bringing in an extra $100k+/year as a photography mentor ...

ready for a game-changer?

Just imagine what your business (and your life) would be like...

Wouldn't it be nice to get paid to help other photographers overcome the same struggles you did? I mean, maybe it's time to get all of that knowledge out of your head and into the hands of photographers that need it?!

You could get paid to share your knowledge with others ...

"Why would anyone buy from me? I'm not even a coach yet."

"There's already a million online courses out there ..."

"How are people even going to know I have a program?!"

"What if no one wants to join my program?"

It took me years to finally launch my first online course. I downloaded every freebie, watched every YouTube, and still floundered around for waaaaay too long. 

The thought of creating an online program can be overwhelming, to say the least.

let's be honest, though

"Working with Jenni truly changed not only my business, but my life. Just take the plunge. You won't regret it."

work less + make more

more time with family

finally take that vacay

Have more freedom

So you can:

Imagine having a coaching program that brings in $5k+/month?

change is possible

xo, jenni

3 years ago I was burned out AF, photographing sessions in the evenings and editing on the weekends, missing my babies at home. I decided to pivot into coaching and share my knowledge with others and my life has never been the same.

Over the past 3 years I have helped 100's of photographers create and launch their first online courses and coaching programs with wild results. We've had students with $10k, $20k, $30k, $40k launches in just 90 days of joining the program, having never coached or mentored before! And I would LOVE to help you do the same!

I'm Jenni and I can't wait to help you launch your first program.

hey, hey friend!

Create your first $10k+ Online Course or Coaching Program in the next 90 days.

Photography Coach Kickstart™

Before joining Jenni's program I tried to DIY my first launch but it completely flopped. After just 3 months inside Jenni's program I had a $36,000 launch!

"Using Jenni's strategies, I've brought in over $350k in my first year of coaching!"

I was super nervous to join, but so glad I did. Jenni has helped me create a program that I'm so proud of. I love working with these photographers to help them fast-track their success and avoid all the newbie mistakes!

"Jenni taught me how to create my first-ever coaching program and I had a $40k launch in 90 days!"


I followed Jenni's strategies and resources to a tee and I'm so glad I did! My launch was incredibly successful and I can't wait to work with these photographers! My plan is to relaunch this 3-4x year and bring in at least $100k from coaching!

"I joined the program just 8 weeks ago and just had my first launch of $26,000!!"


Here's What's Included in Photography Coach Kickstart™:

all the good stuff

Get feedback and support from Jenni + Team

Follow my proven roadmap to offers that sell

Use our templates to easily design your program

Learn how to craft an offer that's irresistible AF

By the end of phase one you'll have your entire offer completely created and ready to launch.

Course Creation Made Easy

phase one

Launch strategies that do the work for you

Become the go-to coach they want to work with

Grow and nurture your audience in advance

Simple steps to attract students to your offer

Inside phase two I'll share my best-kept secrets to selling out your program before you launch to the public.

Pre-Selling Your Program

phase two

Email Templates, drag & drop resources, + more!

Follow our guide to launching made easy

Learn how to bring in $10k+ in the first 90 days

Learn how to sell without feeling salesy

Inside this phase I'll teach you how to turn potential students into loyal clients who get fast results in your program.

Converting Leads to Loyal Clients

phase three

No need to hire a $5k launch copywriter, you'll have full access to our professionally written email templates and copywriter for feedback to help you fast-track!

BOOM. That's what I'm talking about.

Fill-In-The-Black Email Templates

Less time behind the camera and more time spent with your family and friends.


The ability to scale your business without needing to book more sessions!


The freedom to work from anywhere with wifi helping other photographers.


Have all the tools to launch your first $10k+ offer in the next 90 days and then scale that to $100k+/year!


results you can expect

when you join

"Jenni helped me launch my first program in just 12 weeks and I sold $19k!!"

"I launched my first offer after just 2 months in Jenni's program and sold $21,400 in seats!"

"I joined the program just 8 weeks ago and just had my first launch of $26,000!!"

"Jenni taught me how to create my first-ever coaching program and I had a $40k launch in 90 days! And now I've scaled that to multiple 6-figures/year."

Kind words overheard

Work with a coach that gets it. I've been in the photography industry for over 2 decades and I've coached with some of the best coaches out there. Your results are our results. We don't take that lightly. If you're willing to put in the work, we'll be by your side to help you make that happen.

What Sets Photography Coach Kickstart™ Apart From the Rest?

Inside our private community you'll have access to our entire team to ask questions, get feedback, and support!

Daily Support

You'll have full access to our entire vault of resources and templates to help you fast-track your success!


Get support and guidance on our bi-weekly calls with Jenni and her team of expert coaches!

Coaching Calls

Once you're all signed up it's time to roll up your sleeves and get ready to see fast results!

Get Ready to SCALE


If accepted into the program you'll receive an email with next steps, payment options, etc.

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getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3

How much time do i need to commit? i'm busy.

Answers to your burning questions

Some students join and binge watch all the lessons in 24 hours, others take their time and go at their own pace. It's entirely up to you. On average, the photographers in the program that are seeing the best results are spending 2-4 hours/week implementing the strategies.

How long until i make my investment back?

Great Q! Everyone's results are different. But I will say that the students that show up, put in the work, ask for support, and follow the strategies I teach inside are the one that have had anywhere from $10k-$45k launches in less than 3 months. 

how long do i have access to the program?

You have life-time access to all of the lessons, phases, templates and resources inside the program. And you'll get 4 months of bi-weekly group coaching calls and daily support inside our private community. Our goal is that you have your first launch within 3 months!

you're want more freedom in your life

you're want to scale your business this year

you want to create another stream of income

This is Perfect For You If...

you're not willing to try something new

you're looking for a get rich quick overnight fix

you aren't willing to do the work to hit your goals

This Probably  Isn't For You If...

Photography Coach Kickstart™ includes everything you need to bring in an extra $100k+/year.