Private coaching

Let's Build Something Incredible Together

My 8-week private coaching program includes unlimited 1:1 calls, actionable strategies and support to take photographers to the next level in their business by pivoting into education, and scaling to $10k/months and beyond.

don't make the same mistakes i did.

Real Talk: you can't scale your business alone.

Trust me, I tried. The first course I launched took me hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars, and far too many mistakes to create ... and I had a whopping SIX people sign up.

Spoiler Alert: I cried. A lot. And then I hired a business coach ... and EVERYTHING changed.

How it works

unlimited coaching calls

From helping you nail down your offer, to growing your email list to have clients on repeat, I'll help you turn your ideas into income.

Unlimited expert support

8 weeks of private Marco Polo and email access for support and feedback from someone who’s scaled an online coaching business to multiple 6-figures in under 12-months.

full access to my private vault

During the coaching program, you'll have full access to my private collection of templates ranging from freebies to sales page copy, to Facebook ads, plus so much more!

i can help because i've been there

but nowI know how to help!

Five years ago, I was tired and overwhelmed.

I was photographing sessions every day and editing all night. On paper, I was wildly successful brining in over 100k each year. But in all honesty, I was tired and I wanted to gain back the freedom I was missing as a photographer and spend more time at home with my children.

That's when I decided I would share my secrets with other photographers. I mean, I'd cracked the code on making 6-figures and booking out my calendar in 2 years flat...surely SOMEONE could benefit.

Newsflash: They did. And now? The education side of my business alone brings over $200k/year, I've retired from photography, and I spend more time than ever with my little ones, because I decided to share what I know. Now it's your turn.


tired of spinning your wheels ...

Let's face it, what you're doing isn't working. You need a proven roadmap and some guidance from someone who has successfully done what you're trying to do (pssst, that's me).

OVERWHELMED BY the process ...

I get it, there are a lot of puzzle pieces to get into place in order to have a successful launch. But don't stress, that's where I come in. Launching is kinda my jam.


You know you have something to offer the world, but you're just not sure how to get it in their hands? I've got you covered friend. I'll teach you how to book your first 4-figure coaching client in the first 4 weeks.

The results


book your 1st coaching client in the first 4 weeks using these strategies. 

Fill your calendar with your dream clients that make your heart happy.

Create a group of loyal followers who engage with your content regularly.

Kick that imposter syndrome and self doubt in the booty and feel confident.

Double your email list with subscribers who actually like hearing from you.

- candice

"I had 61 people sign up in the first 19 hours! SIXTY-ONE! Jenni knows what she's doing."



"I went from "getting by" to hiring my husband to work with me."

During our 3-month Mastermind, Ashlea created a 1:1 coaching program and launched her first ever photography workshop, filling her seats within 3 weeks of completing the program.

Katie went from zero people on her email list to over 2000 in just a few weeks

"Jenni's email growth strategies work! I now have over 2k on my email list!"

Within hours of Katie setting up her email list and her first lead generation ad, she had over 200 people signed up! Within just a few weeks she had thousands photographers eager to learn from her!

This could be you....

candice booked her first client within 3 weeks of working together

"I sold a $1000 workshop seat before I even went live with the event!"

Working with Jenni has been incredible! She helped me grow my email list to over 2000, create my first course, and launch my first workshop with 100% confidence! 

janel signed 23 people into her new offer

“With the help of Jenni, I created a membership site and sold 23 spots, before we even finished the coaching program!"

Valerie booked her first 3 coaching clients in the first week of our coaching program

"Within just a few days of joining Jenni's program, I booked my first two clients. We're 3 weeks in, and I've gotten 4 more inquiries!"

guess what ...

Next month could be your first $10k month as a coach ...

You have EVERYTHING you need to make this happen. Investing in yourself can feel scary, I get it (says the girl who paid well over $100k for the information I'm sharing in this coaching program).

But what's the alternative? Sitting here 8 weeks from now, having changed nothing?! No thanks. Not on my watch.

During our 8-week coaching program, I’ll share the exact formula I used to build my coaching program to multiple 6-figures in under 12-months - and I’ll show you how you can do the same. 

“If I had known the return on my investment working with Jenni would be so high and happen so quickly, I would have invested 10x. ”

Working with Jenni has been life-changing! This girl knows what she's talking about and has a way of explaining it all in an easy-to-follow way. Not to mention, she's one heck of a hype-girl. You won't regret working with Jenni!

- ashlea snell

- shannon

“If you're On the fence, let me just say this is the absolute best decision you can make.”