What to Wear to Your Family Portrait Session

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June 4, 2012

What should you wear to a family portrait session? You may be thinking, “dressing my kids for the school rehearsal or finding a dress for the fundraiser is hard enough, and now I have to dress the whole family for our portrait session?!” Well, hopefully Jenni’s suggestions will make this task a bit easier.

  • Wear what you’re comfortable in! “If you’re the mama that wears skinny jeans andĀ stilettos, then rock those stilettos! If you’re more of a flats or flip flops gal, please DON’T try to rock stilettos.” – Jenni
  • That being said, kick it up a notch. Think fun, fashionable date night or family meal out. These are going to be hanging in your home for a long time, so plan ahead!
  • Try not to be too matchy-matchy, but be careful not to clash with one another either. Mom and dad should look similar, as should the kids. If you want the kids to be the focus, dress them in slightly brighter clothes. Don’t be afraid of patterns, bold prints or trendy outfits! Just take a good look in the mirror before leaving the house to be sure you look like you belong as a group šŸ˜‰
  • Wear clothes fitting for the season. For example, fall clothing for girls could be a cute dress, tights and boots. Boys could wear button down,Ā un-tucked shirt, and jeans or khaki short.
  • “No matching sweater sets, please!” – Jenni

Here are some photos that can give you more ideas!

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