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May 5, 2014


We are excited to begin our journey within the photography workshop world!

Oh Snap! is a photography workshop that teaches parents how to take better pictures of their kids. It focuses on concepts you can easily put into practice, just by understanding lighting, composition, perspective and age appropriate techniques. For $125, participants will walk away with a 40+ page presentation manual that includes cheat sheets and quick tips for common situations which will help them improve their photos immediately… just by taking the time to assess light, change up their angle, and remember a few quick tips.
Topics include:
In Camera Shooting (all those camera modes!)
Composition Perspective (including lens selection)
Finding the Light
Pulling it All Together
Great Photographs at Any Age
We are looking for hosts! All photography workshops will be held at our Niwot, boutique studio, so don’t sweat providing a location! The cost for the workshop is $125/participant, however, all hosts will receive a complimentary entry. We ask hosts to invite their friends, co-workers and mommy groups that would be interested in participating (6-15 attendees). Hosts would be responsible for providing snacks and beverages for all participants.

The workshop is taught by Jenni Maroney and the Jenni Maroney Portrait Boutique team. For more details, visit us at or email us at

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