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May 20, 2014

I’ve always been drawn to shiny objects … mostly diamonds, which made my job as a wedding photographer for 12 years really fun. As a child I wasn’t a girly girl, but I do remember loving sparkly, shiny things. My latest obsession is a little local shop, called Chantique. Now ladies, do not, I repeat, DO NOT go in here on payday, after girl’s happy hour … or you may end up with a perfectly shiny, antique chandelier from a far away romantic place… not that that happened here or anything 😉 Actually, I happen to have the world’s most generous, amazingly thoughtful mother-in-law, with impeccable design taste. Since moving into our new house, she’s been helping us decorate. Her recent visit landed us this amazing early 1900’s American-made “wedding cake” chandelier, which we finally had installed last week. I think Miranda and I spent the first couple hours just drooling over it. It is everything a girl could want. It’s antique. It’s classy. It has crystals. And best of all … it’s shiny, in a subtle grown-up way.

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