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June 3, 2014

Like we have mentioned in previous blog posts, as photographers, we love all things branding! We love to see other brand’s packaging, and how they market their products.
This last January, we had the opportunity to travelĀ to Phoenix, Arizona for Imaging USA. You may remember reading all about our “photographer’s gone wild” experience. We were over our heads! We were able to hear some of our favorite photographer’s speak, and learn all about their own brands, and what makes them unique. It was amazing to see the variety of styles, and how we could truly see the photographer’s personality shine through each of their own.
So we did some soul searching. We thought long and hard about how we wished to display who we are, what we wanted our brand to represent, and how we wanted to share that with each of our clients. At Jenni Maroney Portrait Boutique, we wish to give our clients that personal experience. We want each individual to feel the love we have for them, and how much we truly do appreciate them. We wanted our packing for their custom products to show just that.
It was when we came across the Rice Studio Supply booth that we instantly found what we were looking for. We fell in love! Rice Studio supplies high quality packaging, with clean and professional branding work. Once we received our newly branded products in the mail, we knew we had found our match!

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