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June 13, 2014

Last night I found myself with my face buried in my iPhone pinning at 11:30 pm. Anyone that knows me knows that 11:30 pm is late for me (unless it’s ladies night :)). I’m just that obsessed with branding, marketing, logos and all things typography. It’s actually frightening how obsessed I am with this stuff. Every time I log into Pinterest, I find myself wandering towards logo design. It just made sense for our photography studio to do a Featured Fridays blog series on logo design featuring the logos we LOVE over here at Jenni Maroney Portrait Boutique. So here it goes … week #2 showcasing one of our favorite designers, Alexandra Woolcott of Eklektik Design Studio (check out her Etsy store … be prepared to be wowed … and find yourself in desperate need of one of these beauties).
Check out the type, colors and how the logo design works so well and sends such a strong message about each of these business’ message. Congrats Alexandra, you totally have a great thing going!!

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