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August 1, 2014

This little lady has had our hearts wrapped around her little finger since day one. From photographing Valentine’s precious newborn photos in-studio, to her 4 month session when she was grabbing her sweet little toes and drooling all over the place, now to her 8 month standing up, perfect-in-every-way session. We’re obsessed with documenting this gorgeous little lady for her Baby’s First Year photography collection. Valentine is the strongest, sweetest, most snuggly 8 month old you’ll ever meet. We can’t imagine her getting any cuter or more perfect and look forward to seeing how she changes over the next few months before her 1 year Cake Smash session, to complete her Baby’s First Year collection. We love you, sweet Valentine!
babys-first-year-photographer-boulderbabys-first-year-photographer-boulderbabys-first-year-photographer-boulderbabys-first-year-photographer-boulderbabys-first-year-photographer-boulderInterested in documenting a baby’s first year photography collection? Contact us today to book a baby’s first year photography collection for your sweet newborn!

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