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August 4, 2014

First we want to wish little Kenzie and Kennedie a very, very happy 1st Birthday! Your sweet little one year old smiles have these photos melting our hearts! Those gorgeous brown eyes always bring smiles to our faces.
When we first welcomed these two lovely ladies into the world during their newborn photo session, we couldn’t get enough! We are obsessed with twins! And these two captured our hearts at first sight. From photographing those sweet toe touches during their 4 month photo session, to their capturing their sweet personalities during their  8 month session, to their big 1 year photo session, we cannot believe how much little Kenzie and Kennedie have grown! We have loved every single moment.
As a twin herself, their gorgeous mama has dressed these two in the cutest clothing choices ever for every photography session! Always with a bow to match!
Often times, during 1st year photo sessions, little ones are unsure of what to do with a huge frosted cake in front of them. But not these two! As soon as these adorable cakes (baked and decorated by Jenni 🙂 ), were placed in front of these two, it was instantly a cake smash! Little Kenzie dug right in, with a huge smile on her face with every bite! We even caught her taking some bites from her sister’s cake, so funny! Their older brother, Hayden, even joined in on the celebration. He was an awesome big brother as he helped his sister’s finish their birthday cakes 😉 Covered in frosting, we loved celebrating Kenzie and Kennedie’s 1st birthday in our Niwot studio!
Happy Birthday Kenzie and Kennedie! We cannot wait to continue watching you both grow!
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