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October 10, 2014

We recently had the opportunity to meet this amazing family. We were welcomed into their gorgeous Boulder home with open arms (and little boy giggles), for their in-home photo session. They shared with us a tour of their newly renovated home, and it is stunning! We were thrilled to capture such a special time in this family’s lives, and photograph the love they share within their home.
As a business owner for 15+ years, Jenni has found that her passion is in photographing those real moments. Those moments of your children just being children. Your family simply being your family. We love the uniqueness and realness of documenting such special moments within a family’s lives, within their own homes. We are able to photograph their family just as they are, capturing the happiness of now. In-home photo sessions are all about them and their story. 
Once we began photographing this family, we couldn’t get enough. This little man loves his books! His favorite book though, is One Love. Dad sang the words of this book to his family, and our hearts began to melt. We watched them as they went about their daily lives, taking in every laugh and hug. We were even told all about these one-of-a-kind dolls that belong to both mom and dad, and how they resemble their love story. Their story is perfect.
“These times go by too quickly… but the photos will help them stay close to our hearts”. We love this family, and are already looking forward to their next session.
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  1. Ann C Hermann says:

    I still have that pink Lolly doll from when my sisters and I grew up!

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