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April 30, 2015

You know that feeling you get when everything is going just right? When all the stars are aligned, when you hit all the green lights, when everyone you encounter is friendly, when you think to yourself “this can’t get any better” … and then it does. That’s the type of day we had when we photographed baby William’s newborn photography session last week.  If you ask his mama, she may speak differently. Their day started out rough. Dad woke up sick. Mom got off to a late start. But then something magical happened when we came together that morning at the studio. Baby William arrived at the studio sound asleep … and stayed that way for most of his session. This is unheard of in our world. Most babies wake up for one reason or another, but this little man was out cold. He let us put him in all the squishy, adorable newborn photography poses we all know and love. But better yet, he allowed his mama time to sit, relax, and enjoy a hot latte in the lounge area of our studio. Not only was baby William a dreamboat, but his mama is such a sweet, peaceful, enjoyable person to be around. We loved every second of this session and look forward to photographing baby William’s whole family once daddy is feeling a little better. Congrats Cindy and Billy, you have one very handsome little man on your hands! xo, Jenni
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