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June 15, 2015

I spend most of my days photographing newborns (under 2 weeks), babies and young children.
I don’t get to photograph 8 week old babies very often, but when I do, something very special happens.
Something like this.
Baby Paige and her beautiful mama visited our portrait boutique photography studio this week for her 8 week baby photo session.
So much changes in the first 2 months of life …
… for baby and parents.
My personal favorite is the unbreakable bond that forms between the parents and their new little one.
This bond grows stronger by the day.
Sweet little Paige and her mama display just that.
Each moment I had the privilege of documenting their story was a beautiful one.
These are my favorites from her baby photo session.
There is something so magical about nursing your little one.
It’s a miracle that we can create these little ones in the first place.
It’s even more of a miracle that our bodies know how to feed them.
To nurture them.
To comfort them.
The look this mama gives her sweet baby girl brings me right back to those days with my little one.
It’s such a magical thing.
breastfeeding photo session Denvermama and newborn baby girl black & white

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