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July 17, 2015

boulder, you never cease to amaze me. with your gorgeous weather year round. your view of the snow capped rockies (even in july!) from most everywhere in town. and your ridiculously¬†friendly residents. boulder truly is the best place to live and work (ok, i may be biased). the Menk family is no exception. these three share so much love and laughter it’s hard to not fall in love with their family within a matter of minutes. outdoor family photos in boulder make my heart skip a beat … especially at sunset. we started this outdoor family photo session with a little stroll around Coot Lake in boulder. during these sessions, i love to guide my families to the best lighting and than sit back and document their bond. in this case, it’s undeniable. the way daddy looks at his gorgeous wife and daughter¬†… the way Maddie’s sweet little hand fits perfectly into daddy’s … and of course the unquestionable love Maddie has for her bear. Outdoor family photos in boulder at their finest. Happy family, happy summer. xo
outdoor family photos in boulder with a gorgeous family of three

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