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July 28, 2015

when i found out some of my favorite clients were moving 2000+ miles away, i’m not going to lie, i got a little sad. luckily they moved to the east coast and knowing how often i visit family, friends and old clients there i knew i would see them again in the future. the first year they moved we planned to meet in Central Park in NYC while i was there photographing some family portraits for my east coast clients. unfortunately, the timing just didn’t work out. so when i found out they were visiting Colorado this summer i reserved them a spot on our calendar months in advance. i’ve been photographing max and miles for years. (don’t they have great names?!) from the start, every session has been fun-filled. this boulder family photography session was no different. max and miles are clever, witty, honest, genuine and most importantly, tell it like it is. i remember our first session years ago trying to make them laugh. being the dork that i am, i jokingly said something like “what’s the smell? are those your feet? eww, gross. maybe it’s your armpits.” miles kindly informed me that armpits don’t smell until you go through puberty. talk about being embarrassed. THIS is why i enjoy photographing them so much. i strive to document children’s true personalities. boys like this make my job easy.
Outdoor family photography session with tween boysOutdoor family photography session with tween boys

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