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July 29, 2015

my heart flutters every time the studio doorbell rings before a session. (i love that i still get this excited before a session, even after 16 years. ps –  i get really pissed when it’s just the delivery guy). this session was no different. doorbell rings. heart skips a beat. i talk myself out of sprinting to the door to avoid looking like a total out-of-breath weirdo. i swing the door open to greet my newborn clients, and i’m staring at 3 of the most gorgeous people i have ever laid eyes on. no, seriously. STUNNING is an understatement. (i wish i looked an 1/8 as amazing as this mama did one week after delivery). the thing is, these new parents weren’t just gorgeous on the outside, but equally as beautiful on the inside. the love they showed their little lady at just 1 week old during her newborn session was beyond words. i’m so honored they chose me to document the story of the beginning of their family.
there’s something so special about newborn photography. especially when it’s the first baby. as parents, we wait an excruciatingly long time to meet our baby. we spend ions imagining what our newborn will look like. ten little toes. ten tiny fingers. their gorgeous, perfect little head. the moment we finally get to hold them in our arms, is a moment no parent will ever forget. that feeling never really goes away. that’s one of the reasons i love my job. being able to photograph this intense bond between newborn baby and parents in the first 2 weeks of life makes my heart flutter. this … this. right. here … this is why newborn photography is so important. these long (sometimes sleepless) days, turn into months and years before we know it. the ability to look back on photos from the first few weeks of life and remember every one of my son’s tiny little details is priceless. i will forever cherish these photos. and i know my newborn clients do too.
in-studio newborn photography session with Denver newborn photographer Jenni Maroney Portrait Boutique
in-studio newborn photography session with Denver newborn photographer Jenni Maroney Portrait Boutique
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