three special ladies say i do this wedding weekend

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September 3, 2015

when three of your girlfriends all choose the same exact weekend to get married, you know something special is about to happen. although we can only attend one of these weddings, i will truly be at all 3 in spirit.
meet Julia … she’s the girl you want by your side for a 12 hour wedding shoot; every single weekend for an entire season. she’s hilarious, crazy talented, gorgeous inside and out. i love this chick for so many reasons, but most of all her unbelievable hand dance she can whip out of no where … to any song. seriously, any song. i love you Jules! i’m so happy you followed your heart. i wish you and Joel nothing but happiness and laughter for many, many moons. you’re going to have the most gorgeous portland wedding … and we’re there doing the hand dance with you in spirit.
Jenni Maroney and her assistant Julia photographing a session in Vail, Colorado at the top of the lift.
next up, Nikki … my witty, sarcastic, unbelievably smart and adventurous, beautiful friend. the first time i met Nikki, i was a bit nervous. she had that Samantha from sex in the city vibe going on. i kept thinking, “why would this chick ever want to hang out with boring old me?!” well, truth me told, Nikki has a great way of coaxing me into some really hilarious situations that always turned out so much better than the original plan. Nik – i couldn’t be happier for you and Eric! you two are the perfect match and i look forward to many more hilarious situations in the future … preferably in Mexico. enjoy your big day. you’re going to kill it. xo
Mexico weddinglast but not least, my dear friend Miranda. when i interviewed Miranda to be my studio manager almost 3 years ago, i knew the second we started chatting we would be more than just co-workers. Miranda has the most gentle heart, kindest smile, killer camera skills, and is simply stunning. i couldn’t be more excited to spend this weekend celebrating your wedding with you and Shane. i love you guys and knew from the minute you told me you two had been friends since kindergarten that this was meant to last a lifetime. i love you, friend.  xo
Jenni Maroney Portrait Boutique owner and studio manager. Denver newborn you can see, i am one very lucky girl to call these ladies my dear friends. each of them unique. each of them very, very important to me. i love you all and wish you a lifetime of health, happiness and laughter! cheers to one very special wedding weekend ahead! xo

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