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November 15, 2015

this kid was really hard to work with, can’t you tell?! ūüėČ actually, getting him to not laugh in a photo was the challenging part. but, as you can see, i was totally fine with that. i love when kids¬†arrive to their session and are actually excited. It doesn’t always happen for this age, but when it does, it’s pure magic. child-led sessions are always my goal and when kids arrive to their family photos excited and ready to party, i get really excited too. and it’s in these moments that i’m reminded how lucky i am. i have the opportunity daily to document the fun, in-between,¬†real life, moments that make up a collection of memories. moments that define childhood. moments that bring a tear-filled smile to parents’ faces. this is my life. this is my passion. capturing sessions like this one, where everything is just easy, fun, and truly enjoyable. pinch me. is this really my job?!
Simple and natural Boulder family photos captured by Boulder family photographer Jenni Maroney. It’s almost here … HOLIDAY DEADLINE is fast approaching. We still have one¬†availability for Boulder family photos¬†before the holiday deadline. Contact us for more info.

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