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November 19, 2016

Ahhhh, good old Simon and Garfunkel (don’t tell me I’m the only kid that grew up with a hippie mom in the 70’s!!). But man, did they know what they were talking about.
“Slow down, you’re moving too fast. You’ve got to make this moment last.” This couldn’t be more true in my world right now. I think to myself all the time, how in the world am I thirty-seven already? How do I have 2 children, didn’t I just graduate college? These aren’t feelings of resentment. More like feelings of disbelieve. How did I get so lucky? I have a gorgeous and brilliant almost 5 year old (whaaaaaaat?!). I have a healthy and happy 10 month old (who’s up to 16 pounds now — a long way from the 3 lbs. she was born at!). My husband is one of the smartest, funniest, and caring (not to mention, handsome) men I know. All of a sudden, I’m a grown-up. Slow down, already.

Boulder Family Photography

I hear this all. the. time. during our in-person viewing sessions at my photography studio. Life is fast and furious sometimes. We’re constantly rushing around trying to get to everything on that darn to-do list. From work to school pickup to swim lessons to the grocery store to home to bed. Wake up, rinse, repeat. It’s exhausting. When my clients finally arrive at the studio to view their family photos, they’re often on autopilot. But something changes when they sit down and view that first photo of the slideshow. There’s a shift of energy in the room. I feel it every time. And every time it gives me a lump in my throat and goosebumps. Because I know what they’re feeling. I’m feeling it already and my kids are still very young. They’re looking at these grown children on the screen and thinking, “how did this happen? When did my babies grow up?”. It’s a pretty unbelievable feeling. Watching my clients view their family photos, and for the first time that day (maybe even that week), finally pausing for a moment, taking a deep breath, and remembering how beautiful life really is. And all the while, I’m witnessing the whole thing. I love my job. I can’t say that enough. I care deeply for my clients. And I’m even more passionate about documenting these moments for them. Making these moments last. You could say it’s my mission. So, please, do me a favor? Take a deep breath, remember how fortunate you are, give your kids a hug, and for the love of your family document these moments. They go by far too quickly.
Boulder family photography by Jenni Maroney Portrait BoutiqueBoulder family photography by Jenni Maroney Portrait BoutiqueBoulder family photography by Jenni Maroney Portrait BoutiqueAre you looking to document your family moments? Curious about our Boulder family photography sessions? Are you a photographer interested in mentoring with Jenni or signing up for one of our family photography workshops? Contact us for availability.

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