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April 24, 2017

During my photography mentoring sessions I talk a lot about “How to Pose Newborns Naturally”.

Answer: Don’t overthink newborn posing.

My style of newborn photography is quite simple. My goal is to document the baby the way they actually are. Sleeping in comfortable, natural poses. When I first started photographing newborns I overthought everything (literally, everything) I was doing.
I would try to cram in 20 different poses into a 2 hour newborn session, exhausting the baby, the parents and myself.
These days, I stay focused on how to pose the newborn naturally.

How to Pose Newborns Naturally:

  1. Baby on back pose.

Place baby on beanbag or bed at a 45 degree angle from your window light. Use a ladder to get above the baby (**be sure you have your camera on a neck or wrist strap**). I always photograph newborn sessions with my Canon 50 mm L 1.2 lens on my Canon Mark iii. I photography at 2.5 most of the session, with the exception of family photos when I’m at f5. Be sure the studio is warm and the baby is tired and has a full belly. Rock her to sleep in your arms before resting her on the beanbag or bed. Have your white noise playing nearby and rest a neutral toned blanket or swaddle over her to keep her comfy.

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2. Baby on side pose.

From the first pose, simply roll baby onto her side facing the window at a 45 degree angle. Be sure your window light is falling down the baby’s forehead towards her nose. You can always rotate your beanbag (while keeping a hand on the baby or having mom spot) until the light is just right.

How to pose newborns naturally, Denver newborn photographer, boulder baby photographer, jenni maroney

3. Baby on tummy, hand under chin pose. 

From the baby on side pose, while supporting the baby’s head, gently roll her onto her tummy. Be sure to pull her back arm/hand out to the side to support her from rolling back over. Gently bring her hand up under (or near) her chin. Again, double check that your window light is still falling diagonally down your baby’s face.

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Note: if your window is south facing, you may need to buy sheer white curtains to defuse the direct light. You can also pull your beanbag or bed away from the window to help soften the light falling on the baby.
Now, do me a favor friends? Tag me in your Instagram or Facebook posts with a photo from your most recent newborn session using these poses. I would love to see your work!! xo

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