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August 19, 2017

If you know me at all, you know I’m travel obsessed. Adding stamps to our passports is a favorite hobby of mine. I’m fluent in flight searching and a ridiculous Airbnb locator (this is my new favorite in Cape May Point). Daydreaming of tropical locations, tan lines, cold beverages on the beach, sandy toes, salty skin, and messy hair is a serious obsession of mine.
We just returned from a 2 week beach vacation and I’m already planning the next. But this time I want to go for 3 weeks (shhhh, don’t tell my husband). The thing is, it takes at least 4 days to settle in and unwind and then the last 4 days I spend stressing about packing up and flying home with 2 little ones in tow. And because we always travel to one of the coasts, that’s a full day of travel on either end. That really only leaves a few days in the middle to truly enjoy ourselves. To fully unwind and relax. We work all year for just a few days in the middle? That seems crazy to me. I totally understand why Europeans take such long holidays. (pssst – hey America, what do you say we get on board that idea, right?!)
So tell me, if you could spend 3 weeks anywhere in the world next summer, where would YOU and your family go? Comment below and share your favorite vacation spots with your travel obsessed pal.
Travel obsessed photographer daydreaming of our next beach vacation. Share your favorite vacation spots with me!!

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