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November 16, 2017

Boulder Family Photography Session

When you’re photographing twins that are just over one year old, anything goes.
And that’s exactly the way it should be.
Family photography doesn’t need to be a painful experience (I’m looking at you, Dads).
It should be fun, easy, laid-back.

But most importantly, it should be REAL.

Real life. Real smiles. Real snuggles. Real feelings (even if they’re not always the cheery ones).
My job as a Boulder family photographer is to capture the real. To document you, just as you are. Right here, right now. At this very stage in life.

Because, honestly, you’ll look back and miss these days.

And having these photos will be the only way to re-visit a time when our little ones still wanted to hold our hand. Needed a good cuddle every once in a while. Spontaneously burst into song and dance. And LOVED to run. Boy how they love to run.
That’s my goal for you. To capture all the little “in between” moments that you may not even realize you do on the daily. But one day, you’ll crave them again.
Huge thanks to this gorgeous family for trekking all the way up to Boulder for the incredible views of the mountains. Your session filled my heart with all the feels. xo
Boulder outdoor family photos that are simple, natural, real smiles.Mom and daughter photos from Boulder family photographer Jenni Maroney.
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