How Worthy Do You Believe You Are?

How Worthy Do You Believe You Are?
I'm Jenni!

Your new BFF + Business Coach. I'm here to share all of the ups and downs BTS of my $1m/year photography coaching business and how I got here.

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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to effortlessly attract the life they desire while you’re stuck in a loop of scarcity and self-doubt, leaving you to believe you aren’t worthy of the things you desire? In this episode, we are deep-diving into how to shift your mindset so you can attract what you truly desire. 

I saw this post on Instagram the other day that said, “The universe is responding to how worthy you think you are.” This stopped me dead in my tracks because if you’ve been listening to this podcast for any amount of time, you know that I grew up with a really bad mindset and always looked at the glass half empty. It took until my 30s to finally say, “Enough is enough” and consciously choose a different path.  

Hear my personal journey on how I started to become aware of my negative thoughts and shifted them into something positive. I also want to help you understand the power of changing your vocabulary. For example, I decided to eliminate “afford” from my daily language and stopped focusing on limitations and started focusing on how to make things happen. 

So, if you find yourself stuck in negative self-talk and convinced you’re unworthy, chances are you are going to attract more of what you don’t want. I encourage you to make a choice – you can continue living like this and attracting more of what you don’t love OR you can shift your mindset and truly believe you deserve the best. 

Tune in as I share my strategy for intercepting negative thoughts, reshaping your vocabulary, and overcoming perceived limitations, including building the house of my dreams which I once thought was far beyond my reach. It’s time to take control of your life and manifest what you truly desire.

In This Episode, We Chat About

  • Being aware of negative thoughts and shifting them into something positive
  • The power of changing your vocabulary 
  • The million-dollar house I never thought I’d be able to afford

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Hi, I'm Jenni.
Your BFF + New Business Coach.

Your new BFF + Business Coach. I'm here to share all of the ups and downs BTS of my $1m/year photography coaching business and how I got here.

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