How to Use Instagram Ads To SCALE

How to Use Instagram Ads To SCALE
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Have you thought about using ads to grow your business but have NO idea how? Well, I’m sharing something I’ve never shared with anyone outside of my VIP clients, and that’s how to use Instagram ads to scale your business. And luckily for you, ads are my wheelhouse! 

Just over the last 11 months, I have brought in $1,263,102 in revenue from ads alone. Now, you’re probably wondering how much I spent on those ads. The answer is $250,000. I know that’s a shit ton of money, but from spending that, I brought in $1.2 million. 

So, let’s break this down even further. This means on average, over the last 11 months, I brought in just about $115K every single month while spending about $21K every month on ads. As you can see, it’s extremely profitable. I mean, if you could hand me a dollar and I hand you $20 back, wouldn’t you want to do that? 

Now you’re probably wondering how to do this. There are 3 main ad campaigns I run every single day of the year to be able to bring in that kind of money, grow my email list, and increase my following and engagement. 

Lead generation ads

The first one is lead generation ads. These are to grow your email list, and the way to do this is by giving them something in exchange for their contact information. So, a freebie. Should your freebie be fluffy and full of BS? No. Should it give them everything that’s in your paid offer? No. You are just trying to get people in the door by letting them know you have a solution to their problem. 

When running lead generation ads, you can be very specific about where these ads go. You can set it up by age range, gender, location, demographics, interests, audience behaviors, etc. So, you create the parameters around who it will go to, create scroll-stopping graphics, and set up the copy, and in exchange, you’re going to promise them this freebie that will establish you as the expert. 

Engagement campaigns 

The second type of ad campaign I run 365 days a year is an engagement campaign. These are used to get people to engage with your content. The best part about this is you can run ads to any of your previous posts. 

The purpose of doing that could be to get people to like the post. It could be to get people to click on the post and read the caption where you offer something. It could be to get people to go to the link in your bio or send you a DM. This is such a great way to get more engagement. And the more engagement you get from these posts, the more organic engagement you’re going to get as well. This is the number one way I have grown my Instagram followers. 

Conversion ads

The last type of ad I run is sales conversion ads, and these are typically the most expensive types of ads to run. However, there’s a very strategic way to do it so you are increasing your cart average. 

So, for example, maybe you have a $49 posing guide for newborn photographers. You can run an ad straight to your sales page checkout, and when they’re in that checkout, they would do an order bump to purchase something in addition to the $49. 

On top of that, you can do an upsell, meaning they get redirected to a thank you page after they purchase that shows one more offer. And this has to be something that compliments the first two offers. 

These are the 3 main types of ads I run. If you are interested in having me personally set these up for you, you can click this link for done-for-you ad services and learn all about that. If you’d rather learn to do it yourself, I also have an ads boot camp program, which starts in January. 

I absolutely love talking about ads, and when it comes to them, the proof is in the pudding. If I’ve been able to do this, you can too!

In This Episode, We Chat About

  • How much I made this year from running ads, as well as a breakdown of how much I spent on them 
  • The 3 different ways I run ads in my business 
  • How you can work with me when it comes to ad campaigns

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Your new BFF + Business Coach. I'm here to share all of the ups and downs BTS of my $1m/year photography coaching business and how I got here.

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