I Need Your Feedback Friends!

I Need Your Feedback Friends!
I'm Jenni!

Your new BFF + Business Coach. I'm here to share all of the ups and downs BTS of my $1m/year photography coaching business and how I got here.

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Okay guys, today’s episode is a little bit different because I need your feedback! Because I truly value your thoughts, If you have answers to any questions I’m about to ask, please send me a DM @jennimaroney. I want to know what you need the most support with and how I can help you. 

Over the years, I have created many offers including: 

  • 1:1 coaching which is 6 month minimum commitment. 
  • Inner circle – this is a small VIP group of women creating online courses, coaching programs, and retreats. This is invite-only.
  • A handful of group coaching programs and boot camps – this includes group coaching calls and access to templates and resources. Each program is based on a different theme. 
  • Courses – ranging from $97-$2000 and these are sold on autopilot.

So, I’ve had an idea floating in my head for a while, and it’s the idea of a full-offer suite. This would include me teaching you what I do in my business, all of the different revenue streams I have, and breaking them down so you can pick and choose what you want to offer. I’m calling it The Next Level Mastermind.

I’ve had a ton of people ask me “How do you make a million a year with just courses?” I don’t do that with just courses. I have courses, 1:1 coaching, group coaching, retreats, digital offers, and boot camps. It’s a combination of all those things. 

Now here’s my question: Is this something you would be interested in if you had maybe 6, 9, or 12 months where I could teach you each revenue stream and have my team look over your work and help you create a roadmap? If so, please please please send me a DM and let me know your thoughts! 

And if you’re like, “Yes! I need this NOW,” then you can join the upcoming round of the Next Level Mastermind that begins in April! 

In This Episode, We Chat About

  • The importance of your feedback 
  • This idea of a full-offer suite and what it would include 
  • A breakdown of my revenue streams 

Work with Jenni:

Join this round of The Next Level Mastermind beginning in April – And if you have any thoughts on any of the questions I asked in this episode, please send me a DM @jennimaroney

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Hi, I'm Jenni.
Your BFF + New Business Coach.

Your new BFF + Business Coach. I'm here to share all of the ups and downs BTS of my $1m/year photography coaching business and how I got here.

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