Why Capturing Your Baby's First Year Is Important!

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July 18, 2012

Unlike other newborn and children’s photographers, we love to photograph your baby by milestones rather than dates. We like to photograph as a newborn, which is preferably within 2 weeks of life, like this sweet girl!
Boulder Newborn Photographer
Then we would like to photograph your baby when they are holding thier head up on thier own, at about 3-4 months. This guy does it perfectly!
Denver Children's Photography
After that, we like to photograph when your sweet one is sitting up on thier own! At about 6-8 months, whenever they are happy and comfortable doing it, like this little man:
Boulder Kids Photography
And last but not least, around thier first birthday! We love these sessions because we incorporate mom and dad helping thier little one walk (unless thier doing it on thier own!) and at the end we get your baby down to thier diaper and let them go to town on a cake! Happy Birthday, Baby!!
Boulder Outdoor Children's Photo StudioJenni Maroney Portrait Boutique
Boulder Birthday PortraitsJenni Maroney Portrait Boutique
Please contact us today with your due date in order to reserve your sessions!

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