Have We Mentioned Lately We Love Twins?… We Love Twins!

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December 4, 2013

Have we mentioned lately we love twins?… because we love twins! But these two, we absolutely adore! Oh my… they are beautiful! Those eyes, with those eyelashes?! And their little grins?! They are perfect. And their big brother couldn’t love them more (and how cute is he?!). They were wonderful during their session, and provided lots of little giggles.  Perfect little models for the camera 🙂
We cannot believe how much they have grown from their last visit here at the studio from their newborn session.  They become more and more beautiful everyday. This is another reason we love our jobs, we love watching our little baby clients grow, and capturing each milestone over their first year of life. From their first week of life, when they begin to hold their little heads up, when they can sit up, and then one of our favorite sessions, their first cake smash. It’s the perfect way to capture and remember those special moments in your little ones life!
We had a great 4 month session for these little ones at our Niwot studio. The natural lighting , and time of day was perfect! A perfect family, with perfect babes, during the perfect hour of lighting, making for a perfect session, PERFECT!
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