Hugs for the Camera

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December 16, 2013

Another beautiful Limited Edition Holiday session! It was wonderful meeting them, and being able to photograph their adorable family.
These kids were so polite, and made for a fun and easy session! They are gorgeous kids! They laughed with one another, and gave hugs that were perfect in front of the camera. We were even able to capture natural smiles, which we were told is sometimes hard to do with this handsome little man.
We love their clothing choices, and color scheme. Perfect fit for the beautiful day we had in Boulder, Colorado, at this gorgeous location! We go into every session shooting with intent, we discuss our clients goals prior to ever picking up the camera. We know if it’s family photos with everyone being camera aware, looking into the camera smiling, or if it’s just the kids being their natural selves. We knew this family was wishing to share our designer holiday cards with the ones they love, and like “close up” images. So we made sure to capture what they were wishing for!
Interested in Family Portraits? Please contact Jenni Maroney Portrait Boutique for more information.

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