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September 26, 2014

15 years ago when I graduated from photography school, I found my passion in photographing “kids being kids”. I spent many, many hours photographing children on the playground, babies snuggled in their mama’s arms in the comfort of their own homes, toddlers jumping on beds, kids having fun like kids are supposed to. Over time, I found myself wanting to push my creative limits and work more on my posed photography. I have had the privilege of owning 3 photography studios in the Boulder, Colorado area with the latest being the entire bottom floor of our gorgeous Niwot home. Studio photography will certainly still have a place in my heart, however, I can’t help but remember the naturalness and realness of photographing children in the comfort of their own home or favorite hangout.
That’s why this year, I am going back to my roots. Let’s face it, little ones grow up way too fast. My little guy is changing before my eyes daily. I have chosen to put him first. I love my business of 15+ years, but I love him more. Because of this, I am limiting my bookings to 6 sessions per month. Our photography studio will still be available for newborn photography sessions, however we will be encouraging our clients to look closer at their own lives. Environmental photography sessions are a great way to capture who you really are as a family, right here, right now. We will be working on our storytelling one family at a time. Going into our clients homes to photograph the joy and excitement of your new baby, and the realness and honesty of your children being themselves in your home. Don’t worry, you won’t need to clean the house or hire a professional interior designer (however, we do know a great one!). I’m a mom. I know how difficult those first weeks being home with your new baby can be. I am not there to judge your sink full of dishes or the last time you vacuumed. We can make most any environment work. We’re there to focus on the bond, the undeniable love, and the connection you have as a family. Environmental photography sessions are not just limited to newborn baby photography, but available for family and children’s photography sessions in the Boulder and Denver areas.
Please contact us for maternity, newborn, family and children’s photography availability and package details. As I mentioned, we will only be booking 6 sessions per month. Please contact us early to reserve your date.
Wishing you all health, happiness and lots of laughter!
xo, Jenni

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