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December 6, 2017

Everything changed in that single moment. My chest felt the weight of my son’s head for the very first time and with teary eyes, my husband beamed at us from ear to ear.
The person I had been up until that very moment was no longer the same. And I knew this was the day I had been waiting for my whole life.
As a parent, the overwhelming amount of love we feel for our babies takes place within a split second. These are the moments that change us. These are the moments that matter most.
I am a mama. A wife. A photographer. An artist. And a storyteller.
My camera is the voice. The photographs are your memories.With the click of a camera, I create a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.
Hundreds of tiny toes have made their way into my photography studio. Thousands of gentle heart beats have been felt on mama’s chest. Countless arms wrapped snugly around daddy’s neck. Tired eyes fall fast asleep to a favorite song hummed by mama.
Each of these moments I document cause my own heart skip a beat. These are the moments that become memories. The ones that I believe in.
I create photographs of simple and honest newborn and children’s photography. I document the moments that move by way too fast during our days.
These are the moments that matter.
Every baby has a story. Let me document yours.
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