How to Map Out Your Online Course in Less Than an Hour

How to Map Out Your Online Course in Less Than an Hour
I'm Jenni!

Your new BFF + Business Coach. I'm here to share all of the ups and downs BTS of my $1m/year photography coaching business and how I got here.

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So, you want to create an online course and bring in some passive income, but now you’re like, “What the hell should I teach?” Don’t worry! I got you! In this episode, I’m sharing the 5 steps you need to map out EXACTLY what your secret sauce is so that you can validate your offer, know it’s going to be successful, and go on to create an irresistible AF online course that people will line up to buy! 

Get Crystal Clear

The very first step is getting crystal clear on who you serve, how you serve them, and why they need your offer. If someone is confused as to why they need your offer and what problem it solves for them, they won’t buy. 

Nail Your Messaging

The next step is a big one and that is to clearly convey in your messaging everything you decided in step one. Not only do you have to help your potential clients identify that they have a problem and what it is, but you have to go on to show them how the course you created solves their problem. 

Determine The Desired Outcome

Step number three is to figure out what the desired outcome is. Why do these people need to be in your program? If they don’t understand how they are going to be any better off at the end of your online course than they are right now, they aren’t going to join. 

What Do Your Students Need to Learn?

Next, you need to figure out what your students need to learn in the course before they can achieve their goals, and you can do this by breaking down the program into modules and lessons. 

Figure Out a Price

Last, but not least, you need to determine what you want to price your course at. Figure out a price point that feels really good to you, that you can get behind, and you feel confident in saying. 

These are the 5 steps you need to create your online course because the truth is, it’s never the price that makes someone decide to join or not to join. It’s the energy, the messaging, and the problem your course solves. Remember, people don’t join courses to learn. They join courses for results. So, I encourage you to go create this thing and get it out of your head and into the hands of students that need it! 

If you have any questions or need any support, you can check out my Quick Start Guide to Validating Your Online Course. It’s the first step to creating passive income and creating an online course in the next 3-4 weeks. 

If you want to dive even deeper, I have my Course Sales Accelerator for female entrepreneurs that want to validate, create, market, and sell an online course in the next month, and it is currently 50% off!

Get ready to hear: 

  • How to create an irresistible online course
  • Getting crystal clear on who your course is for
  • The importance of your messaging
  • Determining your desired outcome
  • Deciding what your students need to learn
  • Figuring your price point

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Your new BFF + Business Coach. I'm here to share all of the ups and downs BTS of my $1m/year photography coaching business and how I got here.

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