How to Make $10K Next Month

How to Make $10K Next Month
I'm Jenni!

Your new BFF + Business Coach. I'm here to share all of the ups and downs BTS of my $1m/year photography coaching business and how I got here.

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We are approaching the time when many industries face a slowdown in their businesses. Q1 tends to be particularly slow, with very few inquiries or bookings, and it can be stressful. The key question here is – what can we do to make a quick $10k in January?

First and foremost, I would advise against creating anything new. This is where a lot of course creators and coaches get tripped up. Unless you already have an email list, know how to use ad funnels, and you already have a warmed-up and nurtured audience, it’s unlikely you’re going to create a course that will scale to $10K. 

Instead, I propose two alternatives. The first thing is coaching. This could be one-on-one coaching. For example, you could get 10 people to sign up for a 3-month coaching program at $1K and that will give you $10K. Alternatively, a 1-month program at $2k would only require 5 participants. The formula is simple: divide 10K by whatever your offer cost is to determine the number of participants needed.

The other option to consider is a group coaching program. This involves placing all of the students in the same coaching call, while maintaining your income target with fewer calls. 

If coaching isn’t your thing, you can consider pre-selling a workshop or retreat. With this method, you would bring all the necessary materials with you and teach over a few days. If you can get 10 people to give you $1K for a 3-day workshop, there’s your $10K for January. Retreats are great because people are willing to pay more to have expedited results. 

Like I said, you don’t have to create anything new. The ONLY thing you would need to create is your sales page and checkout link, outlining the program or retreat’s benefits for potential participants. 

If you want to bring in $10K in January, I really encourage you to think of high-ticket offers to reach those results.

In This Episode, We Chat About

  • The true struggle of Q1 and the slow season 
  • Why you don’t have to create anything new to bring in $10K in January 
  • Breaking down how you can use one-on-one or group coaching to reach your income goal
  • The power of hosting an in-person retreat

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Hi, I'm Jenni.
Your BFF + New Business Coach.

Your new BFF + Business Coach. I'm here to share all of the ups and downs BTS of my $1m/year photography coaching business and how I got here.

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