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5 Tips to Hiring a Newborn Photographer

Boulder newborn photographers and Denver newborn photographer, Jenni Maroney shares 5 tips to hiring a newborn photographer.
Congrats, mama!! I hope you’re having a smooth and healthy pregnancy so far!
Thanks so much for signing up for your FREE 5-step checklist to hiring the “perfect” Newborn Photographer for your family.
As a mama of 2 littles myself, I know how exciting this time is.
I also know how easy it is to get overwhelmed with what feels like 38,082 things to do before the little one arrives.
One of those items on your to-do list may just be “hire a newborn photographer“.
And if it is, I am here to help YOU.
Being a professional newborn photographer in Boulder for almost 2 decades now (I know, I’m dating myself), I can tell you there are a lot of different newborn photographers out there with a lot of different styles of photography and varying levels of experience.
That’s why I’ve created this simple 5-step checklist to hiring the perfect newborn photographer for your family.

5 things you should know before hiring a newborn photographer:

1. Safety:

When it comes down to who you’re willing to let hold your 7-day old newborn, you’ll want to do your research. Hiring an experienced photographer can make a huge difference when it comes to safety. Instead of asking potential photographers how long they’ve been photographing newborns, ask how many actual sessions they’ve done. At my Boulder, Colorado studio, safety is our #1 concern. Knowing how to safely handle and pose a baby doesn’t always come naturally. Be sure your photographer is comfortable and trained in working with newborns.

2. Experience:

Safety and experience go hand in hand. A lot of factors go into a newborn session and knowing how to create a safe and comfortable environment for both the baby and parents is key.  As a professional photographer of almost 2 decades, I know exactly how to prepare my clients, my studio and myself for a smooth and successful newborn session. Our all window-lit studio is kept at a balmy 82 degrees to ensure your baby is safe and comfortable during the entire session (babies cannot regulate their body temperature at this age, therefore it’s important that we keep a warm studio for them). All parents will receive a 5-point check list with simple tips to follow prior to their newborn session to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience (including tips such as keep your newborn awake for at least one hour prior to your session so they’re nice and sleepy when they arrive.

3. Comfort: 

In addition to keeping the baby warm throughout the session, it’s important that your photographer create a comfortable, calming environment for the baby to sleep soundly. At our Boulder newborn photography studio, you’ll find white noise playing upon your arrival. We also use neutral toned swaddles and blankets to keep your baby cozy and snug. Keep in mind, your baby will have just spent the last 9 months in a very warm, cozy and noisy space. Our goal is to recreate that space as much as possible to ensure a sleepy session. Creating a comfortable environment for our parents is just as important. Our number one goal for our parents is a smooth, stress-free, enjoyable, relaxing experience. Our studio has a lounge area for parents complete with Wifi, Netflix, HBOgo, lattes, snacks, and toys for older children. This is your time to sit back and relax. We will take care of all diaper changes, spit-ups, rocking back to sleep, etc.

4. Posing: 

Although my style is a simple, natural approach to newborn photography, there is still a huge importance placed on posing. When hiring a photographer, be sure they are trained in safely posing newborns. Many poses that you find on Pinterest are actually a composite (2 images photoshopped together) to be sure the baby is safe the entire time. If you’ve ever seen the “baby with chin in hands” pose, that is (or, should be) a composite. No 7-day old baby is strong enough to do that pose safely on their own. A good newborn photographer has spent years and lots of money on training to be able to photograph tiny babies safely. Please be sure yours is one of them.

5. Expectations: 

Every new mama is beyond excited to see their newborn photos after the session has taken place. At our studio, you are guaranteed a sneak peek within 3 business days on social media and your entire gallery ready for viewing within 2 weeks. A good photographer will set timeline expectations before you even sign your contract (oh, PS – be sure to sign a contract!!).


Reach out with any questions you have (wondering how we get our newborns to sleep so easily in the studio or our favorite swaddles for keeping your baby snug and comfy?) or if you’d like to chat about booking a newborn session for your family. I’m happy to help!
Congrats again! Wishing you a smooth and healthy delivery!


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