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November 4, 2015

I was recently at Target buying a birthday card and was overwhelmed by all of the options. I finally settled on one that I thought was mildly funny and included a stock photo of someone else’s child on it. I got to the register and laughed to myself when the total was nearly $5 with tax. Not only did I just pay $5 for a generic Hallmark birthday card but it didn’t even include a custom saying or adorable photo on it (not to mention a photo of my own child, which in my opinion, would have been WAY better).
As a Denver newborn photographer and Boulder family photographer, I create and order a lot of custom cards for my clients throughout the year. These cards are not only stunning designs and layouts created by some of the top graphic designers around, but include anywhere from 1-5 professional portraits from their newborn session or family photography session, along with a beautiful message and custom greeting with the clients names on it (and birth stats if a newborn announcement). In addition, all of our cards are printed by the industry’s best lab, Miller’s Lab, on high-end cotton or felt paper. All of our boutique cards also include return address printing on each envelope.
Now, if you stop and think about the price of that generic Target card I purchased vs the investment for custom photo holiday cards and birth announcements … with all they include, $3 for each of our custom cards is a steal if you ask me! Plus, who wants to spend hours ordering online holiday cards the week before Christmas, followed by priceless hours addressing them?! Wouldn’t you agree? Let us do the work for you. Grab yourself a latte and go enjoy a few minutes of YOU time. xo
Boulder family photographer Jenni Maroney offers custom holiday cards to her Boulder family portrait clients.
Boulder family photographer Jenni Maroney offers custom holiday cards to her Boulder and Denver family portrait clients.Card design by Jamie Schultz

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