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November 6, 2015

Stressed about finding the perfect outfits for your upcoming photo session? Struggling to get your child to wear that brand new Crewcuts outfit you picked up at J.Crew last week? Now this may sound crazy, but bear with me for a moment. What if you let the kids dress themselves for your upcoming photo session? What if they had the freedom to choose their own outfits that morning? That’s what happened during this session … and I’ll be the first to say, I’m so thankful their gorgeous mama rolled with it.
I have been photographing family photos for this big brother and his twin siblings for a few years now. I have had many opportunities to document everything from the major milestones in their lives (birthday cake smash sessions) to a super hero session with their oldest. And I’m happy to say that mom and dad always give these guys the freedom to be themselves. Isn’t that the goal anyhow? To document your child’s true personality and expressions during your photo session? And really, who cares? Wouldn’t it be fun to look back in a few years and remind your children of what great style sense they had from such a young age? It kind of reminds me of that movie with Adam Sandler when the kid wears snorkel gear to school. Ok, maybe snorkel gear won’t work for the session, but if you’re looking for a fun kids photo session idea, letting them dress themselves is a fun idea. It doesn’t work for everyone and it may not be ideal for your family holiday card photo session, but it is a great idea for an “all about me” kids photography session.
Boulder family photographer Jenni Maroney shares a session when the kids dressed themselves. Boulder family photographer Jenni Maroney shares a session when the kids dressed themselves.

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