Everything You Need to Know about Coaching Contracts with Paige Griffith

Everything You Need to Know about Coaching Contracts with Paige Griffith
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Do I need a contract? What should my contract include? What if someone tries to go against my contract? These are common questions I get inside of my programs all the time. Since I’m not a lawyer, I decided to bring on Paige Griffith, lawyer and owner of The Legal Paige, to answer all of the legal questions you’ve been dying to know!  

Paige shares the legal aspects of running a business, including the importance of having contracts (even for family and friends), privacy policies on your website, and the 3 main clauses she believes every contract should include.

She also gives insight into why you should have a different contract for each of your offers, how to handle copyright concerns, and what to do if someone is trying to go against your contract.

Paige provides a ton of insights for entrepreneurs, stressing the importance of contracts and the peace of mind they bring to you and your business. 

Do you need a contract?

Paige explains that a contract for your business saves you from those “what if” situations and the unforeseeable risk and liability involved in it. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first client, your best friend, or a family member, having a solid contract in place is an absolute must.

Your contract helps to ensure you and your clients are all on the same page and you understand what’s expected of each other. Of course, your contract should protect you more as a business owner, but it also needs to be a two-way street, meaning that whoever is signing should have rights and responsibilities and know what they are getting out of the money being spent.

Clauses you should have in your contract

Having a “no guarantees” clause in your contract is really important. It protects you so your clients can’t say, “This is what you were marketing on your sales page and I didn’t get those results.”

Another clause Paige says you should have is a disclaimer clause. This tells the client that you are not offering everything under the sun in your coaching program. If there is something they need support with that you don’t offer, they should seek professional guidance.

One last clause to have is a release and reasonable expectations clause. This helps the clients understand and agree to whatever they are getting themselves into with the coaching program.

The importance of having a privacy policy and terms and conditions on your website

If you have something like a newsletter or a freebie where people sign up, you are legally required under certain laws to have a privacy policy. When you are collecting their information, you have to explain what you are doing with that personal information, including opt-out procedures and cookie tracking. It should be linked in the bottom footer of your website and in every single pop-up.

Along with that, terms and conditions explain how users can navigate your website. You’re basically putting people on notice of your copyright ownership and intellectual property of your website. This should also be linked on the bottom footer of your website. 

What if someone asks for a refund, but the contract says no refunds?

At the end of the day, we are business owners. It’s important to go back to the basics of what your contract says and why you had them sign it to begin with. As entrepreneurs, we have to stick to our morals. We have that foundational contract in place and we need to rely on it in times of need. And if you’re not comfortable doing that, that’s what lawyers are there for. Nine out of ten times, the situation is resolved quickly when a lawyer is responding on your behalf.

A discount for podcast listeners

Paige’s contracts are amazing and so easy to implement. She is actually giving a 10% discount on their first order by clicking this link. She makes it so easy for people like me who don’t know anything when it comes to the legal side of things. So I would definitely check her templates out if you need a contract!

You can also shop our most recommended contracts from The Legal Paige!

In This Episode, We Chat About

  • Why you ALWAYS need a contract
  • The 3 main clauses Paige believes your contract should include
  • The importance of website terms and conditions and privacy policies
  • Copying legal documents without permission
  • Why you should have a confidentiality clause in your contract for workshops and retreats
  • What to do if a client requests a refund 

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