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June 23, 2017

These little dudes are all wrestle, all the time. And if any mama can keep up with them, it’s this one. I have so much respect for moms. We’re strong. We are resilient. The true definition of resourceful. We really can do it all. Let’s face it, moms are superheroes. Can I get an amen? […]

Jun 22, 2017

On my first day of photography school (which feels like a lifetime ago), a professor said to our class, you don’t simply take a photo, you feel it. I remember thinking, “Ummm … ok, buddy. Whatever you say.” Ironically, almost 2 decades later, his words still echo in my ears every single time I take […]

April 4, 2017

In the end, all our children will have are memories and photos. Do them a favor, get in the photo. Don’t wait for a perfect hair day. Or until you lose the extra baby weight. Just get in the photo. In the end, they’ll be thankful you did.   Mamas, grab your kids and join us for […]

Nov 21, 2016

The holidays are here (say whaaaaaaaaat?!). Many of us are starting to think about (or if you’re like me, stress about) all-things-holidays. Like what the hell am I going to get my 4 year old this year? Can I just give the baby some wrapping paper to rip up and an empty box to climb in? (Don’t […]

November 19, 2016

Ahhhh, good old Simon and Garfunkel (don’t tell me I’m the only kid that grew up with a hippie mom in the 70’s!!). But man, did they know what they were talking about. “Slow down, you’re moving too fast. You’ve got to make this moment last.” This couldn’t be more true in my world right […]

Nov 17, 2016

Life is short, you guys. Sometimes so much shorter than we hoped for. This year has taught me a lot. It has taught me to lean in. To open my heart. To love with every ounce of my being. To appreciate the little things, the moments that pass far too quickly. To never take a […]

January 24, 2016

Mini Sessions. Everyone wants them. They’re great for families that want a fast and easy holiday card session or a filler session once a year in-between their full family portrait sessions. My studio typically only offers them once a year and they book up FAST. The question we hear the most, from clients and photographers, is […]

Jan 14, 2016

When your big sister is over-the-moon about your arrival, you know you’re off to a great start in this world. Baby Emmitt visited the photography studio last week for his newborn baby photography session and he sure received a good dose of love from his big sister (and not to mention all of us!). You […]

December 11, 2015

My recipe for an AMAZING  in-home lifestyle children’s bathtub photography session in Boulder … Start with a gorgeous home (dad is a custom builder, can you tell!?) Fill bath with bubbles Add 2 adorable little girls Stand back and photograph the magic that occurs during this adorable bathtub photography session Seriously though, how cute are […]

Dec 10, 2015

these two. just look at them. such beauties inside and out. kind, intelligent and funny. what can i say? i just love them. and there’s nothing better than truly loving your clients. Outdoor, natural Boulder family portraits photographed in the gorgeous backdrop we are lucky to have, is nothing short of an amazing job. throw in two […]